13 Celebrities Who Won’t Wreck Your Kid or Teen’s Body Image

Celebrities are like America’s royal family & they serve as symbols of our society’s aspirations and, whether we like it our not, role models for our children. This can be problematic, especially when it comes to unrealistic standards for bodies and beauty. Research has shown that girls in particular are highly susceptible to developing negative body image as a result of media exposure. And as the recent controversy over Justin Bieber’s allegedly “enhanced” Calvin Klein ads shows, boys and men can be the target of the same kind of body shaming and scrutiny that women have long been subjected to. However, in a growing trend, there are some celebrities using their fame as a soapbox, and speaking out against the pressure to conform to unattainable and narrow ideals of attractiveness. Here are 13 celebrities you can look to when searching for positive role models for youth.
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