A Letter from Tappan Zee High School Principal Dr. Jennifer L. Amos

Today the juniors and seniors at Tappan Zee High School had the opportunity to hear guest speaker, Bobby Petrocelli (www.10seconds.org). His powerful message about how one moment changed his life echoed around the silent auditorium as students listened respectfully and on the edge of their seats.

We then moved on to a DWI Mock Accident. Students in our Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Club, two TZHS teachers, and Orangetown Police Officer Mike Kopunek took part in a skit that set the stage, where students were leaving a party under the influence and deciding who should drive home. Next, we transitioned outside where the Orangetown Fire Department, Orangetown Police Department, South Orangetown Ambulance Crew, Mercy Flight, Medical Examiner, Orangetown Judge Patrick Loftus, and other local emergency personnel all took part in today’s reenactment of a scene involving a two-car accident. Students gathered on the hillside and followed this story as it unfolded.

Thank you to our SADD team and Ms. Susan Maher for their work in arranging a powerful speaker and demonstration today. We hope that this builds a second thought in for students as they are making important life choices. It is the decisions we make in a moment that can affect us for a lifetime. As we roll forward to the end of the school year and all the celebrations along the way, please remind your children to make good choices and to be strong for what they believe in.